For years many years, American Rock ‘N’ Roll dominated the scene before the British one got any bigger recognition in the 1960s. When rock and pop music from the UK became popular in the US, the cultural phenomenon was called the British Invasion. At the front of the Invasion were musicians like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Zombies, Animals, the Kinks, the Dave Clark Five, Herman’s Hermits, and the Hollies. In Britain, the rebellious Rock ‘N’ Roll and the resistance of the US youth to the old ways became popular with the British youth. Young British groups and bands started to combine various styles of music. This was happening in different parts of the UK, resulting in birthing of various movements, including the ‘beat boom’ and the ‘Merseybeat’. It was noted at this time that the US teenagers were getting sick and tired of singles-oriented pop acts, which were popular until then. At the same time, two groups were forming in the newly popular British music scene. It was the Mods and the Rockers, two youth groups, which also had a significant impact on the British Invasion. Later, Mod aesthetics became more popular than the Rockers, but the most successful were the bands that were able to balance both.

The beginning of the British Invasion is marked by a huge event: The Beatles’ arrival in New York in 1964. This opened the door to America for British music. In the first two years after this event, Britain produced and sent to America an abundance of hits that topped the Billboard’s singles chart. The year 1967 marked the final equality of rock music from both countries making one amazing international rock culture.