Only three decades ago, artists had a hard time making themselves known. The reason was simple. To reach the public, they had to cooperate with production companies. At that time, as nowadays, these companies were content to select those who could be sold. Talent is not always for much. Luckily nowadays, there is the internet. Artists like Pentatonix, Tommee Profitt, Ivan Torrent, Royal Deluxe, Saint Chaos or Vo Williams to name a few, have proven that it is possible to make a name for yourself on the net.

Register on specialized sites and social networks

One cannot ignore music sites. You gain by putting your creations on all the sites that allow you to do it for free and even for a fee. Speaking of social networks, there is no question of simply putting the link to your song. No one will pay attention if your music is unknown. Join music and art groups, but also groups that deal with cinema, architecture and even cooking. It may sound foreign, but only at first glance. Millions of people watch serial, cooking and design videos every day, with no professional commentary. They just listen to the musical accompaniment. In almost all videos of this kind, there is at least one person who asks for the title of the song. Why deprive yourself of this audience?

Don’t forget YouTube

It seems that the easiest way is to start with YouTube before trying to make yourself known on social networks. In reality, the opposite is easy. Opening an account on YouTube is a must. However, if you are not ready to invest large sums of money, the account will remain invisible. You are not the only one online. But after having made your music known on social networks, it is easier to direct those who are interested in it to the YouTube account. After that, all that’s left to do is to trust the power of word of mouth.