Rock ‘N’ Roll was such a big movement that it influenced culture and lifestyle, and even the civil rights movement. Early Rock ‘N’ Roll songs often focused on issues that the youth were encountering on a daily bases, like cars, school, dating, clothing, and so on. It described topics and events that resonated with the listeners. The topic of sex, which was considered a taboo, started showing up in Rock ‘N’ Roll songs. The genre go on to break boundaries and express emotions that no one would usually talk about. This resulted in awakening the American youth.

  • Race – Rock ‘N’ Roll was a genre that both African-American and white youths enjoyed and performed. The coming together of white youth audiences and black music not only provoked white extremists but also resulted in many people breaking down racial barriers.
  • Teen culture – It is believed that Rock ‘N’ Roll was one of the first music genres to define an age group, giving teenagers a sense of belonging. Defining subcultures also influenced clothes, hairstyles, cars, behavior, and even language. All this resulted in older generations believing that Rock’N’Roll would lead to juvenile delinquency. Teens enjoyed new dance moves popularized by this genre. the moves were known as Twist.