The British Invasion

End of the First Invasion

The actual conclusion of the Invasion is debatable. The strong wave of anglophilia faded from America in the late 1960s as American bands got more and

Impact on American Music

The British Invasion’s impact on the international music was intense, putting rock and roll and its production on an international scale and fastening

Cultural Impact of the Invasion

The Invasion did not influence only the music, but also fashion, movie and TV industry, and even the way of talking and behaving.

Film and TV Indust


For years many years, American Rock ‘N’ Roll dominated the scene before the British one got any bigger recognition in the 1960s. When rock and pop mus

The Beatles’ Influence on America – Beatlemania

The first taste of the fan madness surrounding the Beatles appeared in the US in 1963 in the form of the newspaper articles. This was followed by Amer

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