How to Prepare for Music Competitions

Are you planning to participate in a music competition? Lucky you if you have the chance to test your singing skills. The music industry has developed into a significant sector where many artists get their daily bread. However, to create… Continue Reading →

The Electric Guitar

The electric guitar has shaped the sound of many modern musical genres, and at the same time has inspired generations of musicians. Invented in 1932, it soon became a stable presence in jazz big bands. It made it possible for… Continue Reading →

Independent Music in The Digital Era

The digital revolution has changed the way we make and listen to music. Technology has played a big part in shaping music genres and production, and at the same time has created – for artists – new ways to monetize… Continue Reading →

End of the First Invasion

The actual conclusion of the Invasion is debatable. The strong wave of anglophilia faded from America in the late 1960s as American bands got more and


Doo-wop is a genre of RnB (rhythm and blues) music that was developed in the 1940s by African-American youths. The focal points were the large cities

Universal Music Group

In the last few years before Motown’s absorption into the Universal Music Group, which occurred in December of 1998, huge stars were added to the labe

Impact on American Music

The British Invasion’s impact on the international music was intense, putting rock and roll and its production on an international scale and fastening

Cultural Impact of the Invasion

The Invasion did not influence only the music, but also fashion, movie and TV industry, and even the way of talking and behaving.

Film and TV Indust


Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of Rock ‘N’ Roll invented in the early 1950s. It blends Western musical styles with RnB, or even Bluegrass wi

British Rock ‘N’ Roll and the British Invasion

In the 1950s, Britain was exposed to the American culture. Sharing of the same language and the fact that the American military troops were stationed

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