The Importance of Contracts in the Music Business

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what type of music you perform; to progress, you will, at some point, undoubtedly need to engage the services of a promoter and record company. The long history of the music industry is littered with artists… Continue Reading →

How to promote your music online ?

Only three decades ago, artists had a hard time making themselves known. The reason was simple. To reach the public, they had to cooperate with production companies. At that time, as nowadays, these companies were content to select those who… Continue Reading →

The Right Clothing When Performing Music

There are a lot of musicians who spend many hours practicing. Although this is a necessity it can be tiring. What can make it even more difficult is not wearing the right clothing during this time. Clothing For Women There… Continue Reading →

How to Use an SEO Tool to Become a Successful Music Promoter

In the last decade, the music industry has dramatically changed. Record companies had to bow down and adjust to the increasing success of the web, as users started to download music, without the need to buy a physical medium, such… Continue Reading →

Holistic Healing Through Music

Did you know that playing or listening to music helps to treat various mental health issues? Research by the Harvard Medical School indicates that music therapy can relieve symptoms of dementia, cancer therapy effects, chronic pain, and anxiety. There are… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Skincare for Musical Performers

Being a musician can be an arduous job that requires each individual to ensure they take care of themselves. Skincare is vitally important in this respect since it makes the musician look good, and feel good about themself. Why is… Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for Music Competitions

Are you planning to participate in a music competition? Lucky you if you have the chance to test your singing skills. The music industry has developed into a significant sector where many artists get their daily bread. However, to create… Continue Reading →

The Electric Guitar

The electric guitar has shaped the sound of many modern musical genres, and at the same time has inspired generations of musicians. Invented in 1932, it soon became a stable presence in jazz big bands. It made it possible for… Continue Reading →

Independent Music in The Digital Era

The digital revolution has changed the way we make and listen to music. Technology has played a big part in shaping music genres and production, and at the same time has created – for artists – new ways to monetize… Continue Reading →

End of the First Invasion

The actual conclusion of the Invasion is debatable. The strong wave of anglophilia faded from America in the late 1960s as American bands got more and

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