Any musician will want access to a space where they can rehearse, record demos for tracks they’re working on, or even just relax and find some inspiration. A music room is ideal for a musician to do all of this and more. They’re not too tricky to set up either, with even the spare room of your home being filled with musical opportunities! Continue reading for some tips on how you can furnish your newly created music room.


A room where you’ll be spending a lot of time clearly requires some form of seating. Depending on the sort of musician you are and the actual purpose for your music room, there’ll be a whole range of different seating options you can choose from. For instance, if you’re a pianist, then you’ll want a piano stool. These can be obtained from music stores or can even be found online and delivered to your home. Consider the height you’ll be requiring and ensure it will be comfortable to sit on while you’re playing.

Sofas are also a fantastic addition to a music room, regardless of the primary purpose of the space. When rehearsing or recording, you’ll be wanting somewhere you can spread out and relax in between playing, which is what’s so great about couches. Coming in a range of styles and sizes, they can also be found in a form that will look great in the room and match the rest of the decor. When buying a couch for a music room, you should think about protecting it from wear and tear with a Soderhamn couch cover. The beauty of a Soderhamn couch cover is that it will help to keep your new sofa clean and free from any stains or other damage. A Soderhamn couch cover is also easier and cheaper to replace should it become damaged or stained, prolonging the life of the sofa it’s protecting. These sofa covers also look great and are comfortable, too, adding an extra element to any room.

Tables and Storage

When furnishing a music room, you’ll also need to consider what tables and storage you’ll require. A set of drawers is a good way of having some storage for smaller items, whether that be sheets of music you’ve been working on or discs of recordings. A small coffee table can be included close to the seating, such as a sofa, giving you somewhere to place drinks and snacks. It’s likely you’d be keeping instruments in your music room as a musician, so other practical furnishings such as guitar stands or storage cases may also be a necessary addition to the space.

On the whole, a music room should be decorated and furnished to be not only stylish but practical too. Include functional seating such as piano stools, but also comfortable options for relaxing such as a sofa, which can be protected with a Soderhamn couch cover to prolong the lifespan. Most of all, ensure the music room is a place where fun can be had.