The digital revolution has changed the way we make and listen to music. Technology has played a big part in shaping music genres and production, and at the same time has created – for artists – new ways to monetize their work.

On the production side, digitalization has made music recording available to everybody. Nowadays, you don’t need to walk into an expensive studio to be able to produce your band. Sure, you need some equipment, but there are products available for every budget, and some of the software is even free! As for the results, this will depend on the skills of the musicians.

Some independent productions are no way inferior to the big-budget ones. Artists that are not signed to a major label have more freedom in expressing their creativity, and this may lead to interesting new releases, combinations between genres and experimental music.

Through the internet, artists and bands have many ways to promote their productions. Platforms such as YouTube and streaming services such as Spotify can be accessed by anyone that is ready to upload a song. But then comes the difficult part.

The music business is a very competitive world. That’s why it’s important to get as much exposure as possible. One way an artist can reach a wider public is by publishing free non copyrighted music for YouTube on online platforms that can be accessed by people looking for a background for their videos.

If the video reaches thousands, or even millions, of views, the people watching may want to know more about the band playing the music in the background. It will be an effective campaign, without basically any cost, but that can be a stepping stone for many new artists.