In the last decade, the music industry has dramatically changed. Record companies had to bow down and adjust to the increasing success of the web, as users started to download music, without the need to buy a physical medium, such as CDs. Plus, streaming services allow access to an almost unlimited catalog of music and genres.

On the other hand, software have made easier (and much cheaper) to release professional and great sounding music. And today, even a small band from a small town, that has gigged only three times in its career, can potentially reach a wide audience just by uploading a video on YouTube.

As a music promoter, your job is to be able to find (or be found by) great bands and musicians and give them the exposure that they need to build a consistent audience. You may want to organize events, shows and contests, both in live venues and online. Online visibility comes down to a single, yet hard to achieve task: how well you rank on search engines. That’s when a reliable SEO tool can come in handy. But what is it, and what does it do?

Attract Visitors to Your Website and Social Pages

An SEO tool is an online software, such as Wincher, that will guide you in the journey to becoming a star on search engines. In fact, you can use an SEO tool to find the right keywords related to your business (in this case, music), in order to generate content that will be of high relevance for your prospective customers. If you find the right keywords or set of keywords, for your niche, you will be more likely to rank high, whenever a search is performed on Google. With an SEO tool you are also able to generate reports to see how your site and social pages are performing, including paid ad campaigns.

YouTube and Streaming Services

Let’s say that one of the bands that you are promoting made an excellent YouTube video. Once you upload it on your channel, you will have to make sure that you include an effective description and metadata. And when we say “effective”, we mean that data will have to contain the right keywords. Using an SEO tool, you are more likely to end up in the “search suggestion” fields, which is a great springboard to reaching visibility and hits. As you know, if you achieve good results, you will attract more bands and expand your business. An SEO tool will also have other useful tools, such as complete reports ready to be downloaded, and the possibility to track and identify possible competitors.