The British Invasion’s impact on the international music was intense, putting rock and roll and its production on an international scale and fastening the foothold of the British music industry on the global market. This meant the end of the phase of the popularity of surf music, Motown vocal groups, Nashville country music, and the folk revival in America, leading to the beginning of what was to become a globally reaching phenomenon.

This movement also set in stone the norm of the standard rock group, consisting of two guitarists, a drummer, and lead singer. Generally, these groups were formed with singer-songwriter leaders and produced much of their own tracks, rather than hiring writers.

A huge number of UK groups did not punch through the barrier to fame, but many became globally known icons of the rock genre. Some critics claimed that this invasion harmed many American groups and artists, due to the huge shift in popular music tastes at the time. It is true that the careers of American artists began to decline during the invasion. However, the array of Motown artists had already secured their spots in the top 20, and they remained tremendously popular throughout the British Invasion.